Withywindle Farms

Portland, Oregon

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About us

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Withywindle is a regenerative research farm and cooperative in the Pacific Northwest. Our purpose is to develop and distribute agricultural processes and technology that support ecological diversity and sustainability in small farming.


We are focused on developing simple to use assistant technology devices that allow small farmers to solve real problems. The following are a list of upcoming products.

Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning

Stable Diffusion AI/ML Image Manipulation WebUI

The Withywindle Stable Diffusion WebUI Amazon Machine Image enables users to launch a GPU optimized EC2 instance and use Stable Diffusion models to generate new images and train new models from existing images.

The Withywindle Stable Diffusion WebUI EC2 image includes AUTOMATIC11 WebUI, the Dreambooth extension, a vae-ft-mse checkpoint as well as a variety of popular StableDiffusion models. All StableDiffusion models are licensed for use under the CreativeML Open RAIL-M License

This product is now available through the AWS Marketplace!

Internet of Things

Microclimate MeshNet Sensor Grid

We're developing an ESP32 based solar powered radio sensor network designed to monitor, analyze, and aggregate weather and agricultural data from the various microclimates that make up a farm. This concept is currently in the prototype phase. More to come!


Our farm is a research and education facility dedicated to discovering and describing small farm problems and use cases. We develop experimental test cases and execute small scale agricultural prototypes in order to design repeatable processes and mechanisms that help small farmers.

Rotational Grazing




Microclimate species evaluation

Annual market garden produce

Perennial Fruit Orchard

Forage Crop Development

Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation

Oyster, Maitake, Wine Cap


OSU Small Farms Conference - 2020,2023

The Oregon Small Farms Conference is geared toward farmers, agricultural professionals, food policy advocates, students and managers of farmers markets. Educational sessions are offered on a variety of topics relevant to Oregon small farmers. Speakers include farmers, OSU Extension faculty, agribusiness, and more.

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