Quickstart: Use Withywindle Image Generation AI on AWS Instances

Click here to run the Withywindle Image Generation AI

This image consists of an Ubuntu server with a recent build of AUTOMATIC111 Stable Diffusion WebUI and a small assortment of AI models. The WebUI will automatically run on port 7860 of the launched instance. The WebUI will take 10-20 minutes to become available as the large models are copied into memory from freshly created EBS. SSH runs on port 22 and the login user is "ubuntu". The default security group configuration only allows port 22 ingress. We recommend that you configure secure access to the WebUI by taking the following steps:

  1. Configure a DNS record for your instance, either through AWS Route53 or another provider
  2. Configure the instance security group to allow ingress on port 80. (WebUI is not yet routed from port 80 and Nginx will display a default page.)
  3. SSH to the instance and execute the shell script found at '/home/ubuntu/bin/certbot-init.sh yoursubdomain.example.com'. Make sure to include the DNS record that you have created as an argument and not 'example.com'. You can also provide your DNS name in the instance user-data in order to configure HTTPS at instance launch time. Make sure to include the DNS record that you have created as an argument and not 'example.com'.
        - [ sh, -c, "/home/ubuntu/bin/certbot-init.sh subdomain.example.com" ] 
  5. Modify the instance security group rules to allow ingress on port 80, 443 and 22 and only allow your IP or network. We do not recommend that you make the WebUI available to the public Internet by allowing Once HTTPS is configured and the security group is modified, the Stable Diffusion webUI will be available at your domain: https:/// The web interface is authenticated. Your username is 'sd_webui' and the password is the same as the instance-id. You can find the instance-id in the EC2 Console or by connecting to the instance over SSH and running 'ec2metadata --instance-id'.
  6. Note: We recommend that you disable 'Advanced Tracking Protection' and 'Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials' browser extensions as they interfere with the function of the WebUI. Additional Usage Notes can be found here.